Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Official Book Launch for

Rotary Club and Fulmont Community Action Headstart program
are donating books to the local Amsterdam school district

Author Redmond reads THE POWER OF THE PENNY
at the Rotary Club!

Hometown Event at the
"Amsterdam Free Library"
Amsterdam, NY- October 24th, 2009

Author Elaina Redmond signs Penny book

for Mayor of Amsterdam, Ann Thane

Kids put money into the "Penny Wish Jar" as they make a wish!

Having fun examining the penny!!

A celebration for Abraham Lincoln's Bicentennial Birthday Year
on the outdoor stage at
The Grove, Los Angeles
October 18th, 2009

Celebrating THE POWER OF THE PENNY with Elaina with Singers Joseph Castenon (young star in Adam Sandler's film "Click" and Kelly Crook with a hit song, "Can't Stop" with their dancers!

Author Elaina interviews Kelly Crook and her dancers!

Monique Hansen from the famous "Hansen's Cakes"
in LA came and donated a cake to celebrate Abe Lincoln's 200th birthday!

Barnes & Noble at The Grove
Los Angeles, California
August 15, 2009

Look who traveled in a time machine to join us:
Its Honest Abe!!

It was a full house!

Kids "Examine the Penny" while reading the book

Videotaping kids sharing their penny stories for YouTube

Fun for kids of ALL ages, adults too!

Author Elaina Redmond (above) and
Illustrator Scott Stewart (below) sign books

Kids with their autographed copies of

Abe Lincoln imparts wisdom on our leaders of tomorrow!

Author Elaina Redmond and Illustrator Scott Stewart
celebrate their successful book launch
after finally meeting today for the first time!

Beautiful photography provided JamesDavidAbke.com


on Sunset Strip

July 25th 2009

Book Signing With

Display of



At the Counter at BOOK SOUP

Panama City Beach, Florida

June 21 - June 27, 2009

What an eventful week I had in Panama City Beach, Florida! I met and worked with so many great people in the community. There was excitement, cake, pennies, magnifying glasses and a whole lot of fun. Overall, the launch for THE POWER OF THE PENNY was a success.

From Left to Right:
Tara-My driver and new friend, Me, Corrie-Face Painter, Jake and Austin-Videographers

I worked with such a great crew for my book launch!

Check this out!
This is the opening for my book at the
Junior Museum in Panama City Beach.

Here I am sharing my book with children of all ages.

A book signing for Katelyn Rudisill.

Here are some of the children who came up
to meet me after the presentation.

A glimpse of my great audience!

As I strolled around in Panama City Beach, I met two locals,
Jim and Jerry, who recognized me from the morning news.

Girls Night!
I had the pleasure of sharing THE POWER OF THE PENNY
with a friend's daughter and her friends.

Students and me at Chautauqua Charter School
after my presentation.

A penny cake for the last day of my presentations at Junior Museum.
Thank you, Cakes by Mallory!

Up close of the penny cake.
Cakes by Mallory

2 great kids who wrote incredible poems about the penny!

Peoples First Community Bank was part of my book launch as well!

Thank You-Steve Bornhoft (on the right)!

Penny Wish Jars were placed in
7 locations at Peoples First Community Bank.

Left to Right:
Kathy, me and Logan at Sunny 98 FM.
This was the very first radio interview for

Author signing at Border's.

I also gave a presentation to a creative writing class at
Florida State University in Panama City.

Friday, June 19, 2009
Abraham Lincoln
stars in the movie,
Night at the Museum!

Monday, June 8, 2009
My Trip to New York 2009
May 25th - June 6th

Independent Book Publishers
of America Conference (IBPA)
Book Expo America (BEA)

Enjoying NYC, before the exciting marathon week begins.
At the Oro Bakery Bar (www.orobakery.com) with bartender
Eliza (left), Tara, Me and lovely girl. What a fun place!

25th Annual
Publishing University

MAY 26th, 27th and 28th 2009

Dan Poynter and me!
I've had his publishing book for 10 years!

Here I am with Cicely Bland, a new friend I met who is the author of
soon to be released book called, Money Blessings.

More friends!
(From left to right) Letzia Barbetta--author of soon to be released book, Kylie's Special Treat,
Elaina Redmond--me,
Carol Casey--author of Dear Baby books,
and Symeon Tsatikoglou-publisher from Greece.

Book Expo America (BEA) 2009

May 29th, 30th & 31th

Can you find me?
This whole area was designated for Midpoint Trade Books,
the distribution company representing The Power of the Penny.

(Left to Right) Jim Dudley, Elaina Redmond, Kevin Graham.
My two new buddies and their new book,
Jesus from A-Z, also represented by Midpoint Trade Books.

Here we are in the limo heading to Midpoint's pizza party!

After the pizza party, Kevin, Jim and
my mother, Maria, (who joined me at BEA,) in Times Square.

That same night, we went to Lenox Lounge in Harlem.

The President of Midpoint Trade Books, Eric Kampmann,
and me with The Power of the Penny.

Here I am signing my book for two librarians at BEA.

Friends and Family in New York

After an eventful week in NYC, I went to visit friends and family
in my home town Amsterdam, a small city in upstate New York.

With Noonie and Papa!
My Irish grandmother and Italian grandfather,
married for 62 years! & still in Love!
Both are 87 turning 88 this year!

A visit with my High School friend, Theresa, at her beautiful home!

..and her beautiful baby boy, Joseph. He's all smiles!

The perfect ending to a great trip!

Stay tuned for the official launch of
The Power of the Penny

on June 22, 2009 happening in
Panama City Beach, Florida!